Spray tanning in Leeds

Spray Tanning UK provides mobile tanning services across the UK and Leeds bringing sunless tanning solutions to your door, Spray Tanning UK is part of the Mobile Beauty UK group.

Getting a spray tan has never been so easy as it is not that Spray Tanning UK has stepped onto the scene. Spray tanning is 100% safe and due to the media attention surrounding sun bed clients developing cancer spray tanning solutions have taken over as the treatment of choice.

See our therapists living the (LS) Leeds postcode region and find out what kinds of mobile spray tanning services they are offering. See other spray tanning experts working the (LS) Leeds postcode location by clicking on the bottom box.

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Mobile spray tanning in Leeds

Mobile spray tan technicians in Leeds provide a sun kissed natural looking tan provided by using the best fake tan products, mobile spray tanning in Leeds is here to stay! The dangers associated with sun beds and tanning salons are not associated with Spray Tanning UK’ products as we only use natural products to give you the best fake tan you could wish for.

Many products are used by our mobile spray tan technicians in Leeds some of these include products such as Sienna X, Xen Tan, Natura Sun, Beau Bronz, Couture, St Tropez and many more.


Spray tan technicians in Leeds

The best fake tan treatments are provided by Spray Tanning UK’s mobile spray tan technicians working 9-9 7 days a week. Your mobile spray tan technician will bring the pop up spray tan cubicle, sunless tanning products and the tools needed to apply the tan.

Our spray tan technicians will sit down with clients new to spray tanning and go through a consultation with them outlining maintenance, products used and colours possible.

All of our mobile tanning technicians are fully insured and fully qualified to apply spray on tans?

Spray tanning in Leeds is available from Spray Tanning UK:


Spray Tanning UK covers all areas within Leeds including:

Otley, Wetherby, Tadcaster, Pudsey, Ilkley

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